Physiotherapy is a science-based methodology that is constantly evolving as new research discovers better ways to treat your body.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapies are any therapeutic modality that uses physical agents. This page describes the physical agents that we sometimes use in addition to our own hands. These include cold, heat, ultrasound, and electrical impulses. One benefit to seeking out medical professionals is to be given the right type of treatment for your condition, and not be forced to rely on the internet to know what you need to recover quickly and safely. We use our collective 30 years of medical education to guide you safely through the healing process, whether your injury took place yesterday or back in the 20th century.

Physiotherapy Treatments for Pain Relief at Gaul Family Chiropractic in Denver and Bennett CO

Physiotherapy treatments for pain relief include heat and ice appropriately applied by our expert doctors

Ice and Heat

Passive modalities such as ice or heat, when properly applied, stimulate healing by encouraging blood flow to the affected tissues.  As part of your treatment plan it can help reduce swelling, decrease the amount of pain that you feel, and limit muscle spasms.  BioFreeze or Sombra are cold and warming topical analgesics that help reduce pain and increase circulation. While you might sometimes use a hot pack or and ice bag at home, there is quite a bit of physiology and neuroscience involved in how and why those work (or, sometimes, make an injury worse). We will assess your specific issue, and give you instructions for home care that will help without any negative consequences. Our goal is always to improve your quality of life and decrease your overall health care costs.


You may be familiar with ‘ultrasound’ because it is used during pregnancy to assess the health and sex of a fetus. However, that is diagnostic ultrasound, and what we utilize is therapeutic ultrasound. The simplest description of therapeutic ultrasound is that it warms tissues underneath your skin, making them more receptive to manual therapy and healing. If you want a more thorough explanation. If not, that’s perfectly okay, because you don’t need to understand the science of how ultrasound works, we do.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation & Micro Current

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (E-STIM) and Micro Current(micro) involve low levels of electrical impulses delivered to reduce pain and speed healing.  These impulses stimulate the body to release natural pain relievers that reduce pain and inflammation, thereby promoting faster healing. There are three instances in which E-STIM/micro are helpful: for pain control, to re-educate muscles that have weakened, and to aid in tissue healing (by making the cellular structure more receptive to your body’s natural healing chemicals).

Pain Relief Is Just A Phone Call Away!

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Pain Relief Is Just A Phone Call Away!

Call us today! 303-363-9095 (Denver) or 720-680-0606 (Bennett)